Hangover sucks. Let’s do something about it.


Feeling a little bit hangover this morning?

If you can’t save your liver, try to save your appearance.

We are just like you, we don’t like hangovers.
So we decided to make the world a better place by releasing our own anti-hangover mask.
Based on natural ingredients and produced in Switzerland, this is the magic solution against difficult mornings.

1. Gives your skin the necessary moisturizing boost.

2. Makes you fresh and awake.

3. Relax 15 min, reflect on yesterday, regret nothing!

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How on earth does it work?



STEP3: CHILL 15 min.

Disclaimer 1 – Don’t forget to remove the mask before going to work.

Disclaimer 2 – The mask works perfectly on a shaved face.

Group Offer

You need more masks? Don’t worry, we got you covered!
If you are planning a huge bachelor party, a birthday, a work event, a wedding, just contact us and we will make you a personal offer with a juicy discount.

Often hangovered? Try out monthly delivery!

The 365 days hangover immunity

You are a party animal? You know someone that always drinks “one too much”?
The hangover mask annual subscription is probably the solution for you. Receive every month (or every two months) your x3 pack at your doorstep.

What you get

  • 3 Masks at your door every month or every 2 months
  • 20% discount
  • Free Shipping in Switzerland

They tried the mask

“Never without my mask”

Balz – Zürich

“What am I doing here?”

Batman – Gotham City

“I use it twice per week,
on Saturday and Sunday mornings.”

Torben – Zürich