Qaveman press release

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Qaveman Hangover Face Mask

Hangover sucks. Let’s do something about it.
The first Face Mask for men produced in Switzerland.

Qaveman Hangover Mask – DE

Qaveman Mask Anti Gueule de Bois – FR

Maschera Anti Hangover – IT

About Qaveman

This presentation text of Qaveman explains how and why Qaveman started.

Qaveman – Vorstellung – DE

Présentation – Qaveman -FR

The mission to space

To launch the sales at the Geneva airport we wanted to show our customers that they don’t need to worry about a leaking tube in a depressurised cabine. So what else than sending our tube to the stratosphere and see for our selves!


“Qaveman, la ligne pour les hommes, rien que pour eux”

Appeared the 7th of January 2019

“Buzz: Ils testent la qualité de leurs produits en envoyant un tube dans l’espace”



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